19 year old photographer living between New York and New Orleans. www.marisachafetz.com


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chvpacabras asked: Oh boy! Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I'm loving them. They give me some kind of nostalgia, like if I was there and I knew all the people in them. I love your work. Keep it up like that, you'll become some great, recognized photographer :D P.

thank you so much!! you are so sweet 

Part 1 of my photo diary for C-Heads Magazine

Part 2 of my LA photo diary for C-Heads Magazine

Anonymous asked: do you have any advice to getting your work noticed? I would think you had a good idea since your only 19.

Uhh I think I could definitely take some advice on that lol but the one thing I will say is be annoying and call and email every publication and agency and website until someone lets you shoot for them. And instead of worrying about getting noticed, work on your style and figure out what you like to create. I think that’s really important Xx

what i’ve been listening to in traffic 

what i’ve been listening to in traffic 

Canon MP640 series

Anonymous asked: yo marisa what kind of film have you been using lately?

a mix of different kinds, mostly whatever I have available. I’ve been buying Agfa vista when I can because it’s so cheap but otherwise I’ve been shooting some fuji film and kodak portra for black and white 


Anonymous asked: do you shoot film or digital? your last three stories on tumblr look kind of like a contax t2... but i'm still learning :)

film! I shoot on a minolta xg-a :)


Olivia Bee and Andrew Lyman for Yen Magazine part 1

Olivia Bee and Andrew Lyman for Yen magazine part 2 by Marisa Chafetz

Alaia Baldwin @major for C-Heads

was also featured on trend hunter and stay young zine