19 year old photographer living between New York and New Orleans. www.marisachafetz.com


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Anonymous asked: do you plan a lot of the scenes you shoot in for the purpose of taking awesome pictures, or do you just have an incredibly interesting life and beautiful friends? your pictures are fantastic!

haha thank you!! Most of the photos on this blog are just taken of my life. My friends happen to be wonderful and beautiful humans! All of the fashion photos are planned though. If there is a stylist in the credits, then it was a planned shoot. I do like to shoot with models that I am friends with though. 

Julia Cumming for Ache Magazine F/W 14’ by Marisa Chafetz

styled by Helen Rendell 

Shantell Martin for Urban Outfitters by Marisa Chafetz

Anonymous asked: Your pictures are incredible. What kind of film do you use? Where do you go to get the film developed? How do they turn out so nice on the computer? Do you scan the photos?

Thank you !! I use all different kinds of film currently (whatever is cheapest and most accessible) and where I get them developed depends on what city I am in. I’m in New Orleans right now and I get them done at walgreens. I usually have the negatives scanned on to a cd when I get them processed! xx

Anonymous asked: omg ur pics are a slice of heaven. do you use any filters for your camera? or have any way to control the colours besides the film type ur using? Keep it on cause ur great;)

This is so cute thank you!! I do not use any filters, I make slight adjustments on Photoshop regarding color but most of the colors are straight from the camera. People ask me a lot about the color in my photos and I think it’s more about compositional choices for me than it is about the film/camera I use.

pictures of my brother from our road trip to New Orleans from New York

Last pictures I took in New York. Thank you to my love/sister julia for letting me paint all over ya 

Anonymous asked: hey marisa do you scan your own film? what camera did you use for yen/c-heads? love those shots.

No, unfortunately I don’t have access to scanner when I’m at home in New York. I use a minolta xg-a for everything. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it..I’m on my third one because I’ve had issues with the others. The only reason I still use that camera is because it’s cheap to buy on ebay and not difficult to find lenses. and thank you!


Things that feel like home

(First photo is going to be in Youngshot Issue #2. It will also be exhibited at Portobello Gallery in London; opening night is tomorrow!)

Anonymous asked: how would you describe your work? ex. fashion, documentary, portraiture

I don’t think its necessary to put a label on it. My work is about people. Sometimes fashion is an important part of that expression and other times it isn’t. The lines between “fashion”, “documentary” and “lifestyle” photos are meant to be blurred and intersect if you ask me